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Women's Center for Leadership

100% YOU: Own Who You Are to Get What You Want

Are you undermining your leadership potential without even realizing it? It's time to go from "like, a boss?" to unapologetic, authentic leadership.

Ciara Pressler outlines specific ways we give away our power through unconscious actions and bad habits that distract from our vision, mission, and talent. Learn how to be more aware of your presence, speech, and motives, so that your actions and presence are in harmony and reflect your true potential.

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The Pitch

Ciara Pressler Pitches Operation Nightwatch Portland

The Pitch is a women's networking initiative hosted by the women of Markowitz Herbold PC. It's an opportunity to meet like-minded women who are advancing professionally while giving back to the community in truly amazing ways. You'll meet other women in a variety of professions, learn about what they do, and hear how they are making a difference in their careers and communities.

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